PrimeFaces 2.2.RC1 Released

I’m pleased to announce that PrimeFaces 2.2.RC1 is released featuring 70 fixed issue tickets (bugs, enhancements, new features), new components and general maintenance of 2.2.M1. Here are the highlights;

  • Lots of maintenance on 2.2.M1
  • New Component: Toolbar
  • New Component: Spacer
  • New Component: Separator
  • New Component: Divider
  • Reimplementation of PickList, Editor and ImageSwitch
  • Upgrade to latest jQuery 1.4.3 and jQuery UI 1.8.5
  • Ajax capability to Slider
  • Fixed ajax update issues of menus
  • Stabilized Datatable incell editing

And many more…

See the detailed changelog for more information and downloads section to get the new release.


2.2.RC1 is the last release before 2.2 final which will be released when the new commercial PrimeFaces Book is ready. Actually 2.2.RC1 is one month late than planned because of my consulting-training(to pay the bills) and relocation from UK->Turkey activities. As I expect to be busy with the same things until the end of november, can’t set a clear estimate for the 2.2 final release and availability of PrimeFaces Book. My rough guess is first week of december.

If PrimeFaces Book sales reaches my estimate and if we can move to a technopark to benefit from tax exemption, I plan to create a PrimeFaces Team with two new full time developers and me as the project lead.

Anyway in long term(not that long), next version will be 2.3 which will rock with the following;

  • Redesign and implementation of TouchFaces, I’ll rename it to PrimeFaces Mobile.
  • Redesign and implementation of Ajax Push Integration via Atmosphere.
  • Major enhancements on components like fileUpload, tree, treeTable and more.
  • Implementation of top 20 most voted issues.
  • New components like timeline, sortList and more.
  • Some surprises…

I see 2.3 as the grand finale of PrimeFaces, not because the project will end but it will be the implementation of my vision for PrimeFaces 2 years before which was creating a easy to use lightweight library (one jar less than 2mb, zero-config, no dependencies) providing mobile and ajax push support, 100+ components and more. After 2.3, I’ll be probably out of ideas and work with PrimeFaces community even more to improve and stabilize PrimeFaces. Target for 2.3 is early february, watch out this blog for the upcoming video trailer 😉


19 Responses to PrimeFaces 2.2.RC1 Released

  1. Alexandre Verri says:

    It’s a fantastic work, congratulations. Primefaces is really usefull and easy to use. I’m waiting anxiously to buy the book.


  2. Pitutos says:

    I see a good future for PrimeFaces, you rock! Thank you Cagatay for all…

  3. JP says:

    I love primefaces, just let us know how to support … will buy the book for sure!!

  4. timotius pamungkas says:

    It’s a good framework mr. catagay.

    About your statement that 2.3 is grand finale, I hope that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any more release (2.3.1 for minor bugs, or event PF 3.0 – who knows???). Just hoping that PF development won’t stop like Trinidad.

    However, I’d like to contribute more for this project. For now, I just contribute veryyyyy little, creating a small website using PF so I can test functionality, create some issue ticket if necessary.

    I have a little technical skill compared to PF team, that’s for sure. I’ve tried to open source file of PF, but can’t even compile it on Eclipse. So, if you can show me a good resources to start “reading” and “writing” PF sources, and maybe even someday can enhance or create new component for PF, it’ll be great.

    thanks a lot for you and PF team

  5. Murtuza Vohra says:

    I am a newbie with PrimeFaces and i am quite impressed with zero-configuration, fast and innovative product you have developed. Though i was surprised to read the last bit where you said after version 2.3, you’ll be out of ideas. It sounds like PrimeFaces is nearing its life. I hope this is not the case as we look forward to see many more new exciting components as new technology develops in the market.

  6. Hey man! congratulations…. i wil try with eclipse…

  7. Davi says:

    Is there any chance of some big player, like Oracle or IBM, to provide some kind of sponsorship (a.k.a. money) to your PrimeFaces project?

    I had a bad experience with Netbean’s VisualWeb Pack and Woodstock components suite, which was completely abandoned by Sun, and I’m afraid that Primefaces have the same destiny.

    Another question: Is there any kind of developer’s guide or basic orientation for those who want to help solving Primefaces bugs and developing new features?

  8. Hi Davi,

    A sponsor would be nice but having a sponsor will just speed things up actually. Projects like woodstock or other ones which are supported by vendors are shut down as a result of their funds being cut, PrimeFaces doesn’t have any dedicated funds anyway so we don’t have that problem;) It is not something done for the paycheck at the end of the month, it is simply created by the passion that keeps growing since the beginning of the project since community enjoy what we do, the momentum of popularity is exciting, I think this makes the difference compared to vendor products.

    Also number of enterprise clients are increasing, plus PrimeFaces is bringing us(Prime Technology) outsource development offers, consulting and training work so commercial side of the project is going ok 🙂

  9. Hello Cagatay, congratulations on your great work. The primefaces every day gets better. It is very pleasant to work with this framework. It’s amazing how many people enroll in my courses to learn primefaces. Hopefully looking forward to the book. A big hug.

  10. Davi says:

    Hi Cagatay,

    I’m very happy (and relieved, actually) to hear that things is going pretty well for PF. Man, you have no idea how far your project is going. I’m from north of Brazil (Amazon region) and PF is getting very popular around here.

    Thank you for your superb work!


  11. Fantastic news! Keep up the good work. There are lots of people who appreciate it!

  12. thai dev says:

    Me too,I will buy it.

  13. MikeK says:

    Thank you for all the hard work. It is a great framework.

  14. A B says:

    I am trying to find the location / link of the support forum on site but am unable to. Can you point me to where the forum link is?


  15. Jon says:

    Great Work! I know new features are fun, but don’t leave people hanging on the bug fixes 😉 close as many as possible for 2.2. There are a bunch of one-liners out of the 252 currently opened that would be pretty easy fixes.

    For 2.3, I think you should integrate a Javascript or HTML5 charting library, rather than using the flash charts of the YUI project. That’d be quite the challenge!

  16. beer says:

    I hope you make it support to portlet in liferay

  17. Excelent news! Congratulations for the great job.

  18. Parash Goswami says:

    Primefaces really is a wonder in JSF development.Its cool features ,ease of use and configuration is really praiseworthy.I m using Primefaces in many critical projects.Please make sure that your upcoming books describe in detail how to change the look and feel of components by using styles and widget attribute.
    Also make sure that i can purchase the book online.

  19. Jagadeeswara says:

    “New display option p:message, in icon mode message is displayed with a tooltip.”

    This feature itself compels me to try primefaces on my application. This feature saves lot of space in the web screen layout. Thanks for this.

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