PrimeFaces with OpenFaces for JSF 2.0

Prior to JSF 2.0 as everyone including PrimeFaces cooked their own solution for Ajax, Resource Loading and other things causing pain for JSF developers who want to use some components from XFaces and YFaces. One of the promises of JSF 2.0 is component library interoperability, still component library authors should work together to identify issues that can or cannot be covered in JSF 2.0 Standards.

Last week, OpenFaces 3.0 is released featuring JSF 2.0 support and Dmitry Pikhulya from OpenFaces team contacted me regarding an issue between PrimeFaces 2.2.RC1 and OpenFaces 3.0, OpenFaces components were not functioning because PrimeFaces was preventing it. In cooperation with Dmitry, I’ve identified the issue and fixed it, tried adding OpenFaces 3.0 to PrimeFaces showcase, played with some components from both libraries and tests passed well.

This is a nice example of cooperation between component libraries, of course there is a competition since these projects are trying to solve same problems in web development but competition should not harm JSF users but provide benefit. JSF has an ecosystem, if members of the ecosystem conflict it won’t be an healthy one.


6 Responses to PrimeFaces with OpenFaces for JSF 2.0

  1. Lance Dolan says:

    Well said, Cagatay. Kudos on spending time cooperating with a competitor! In the end, that cooperation will benefit you both.

  2. Seconds this
    Better to work together, and make this Frameworks as powerful as possible than see interoperability from the competition side. Competition is just fine for new Features and Ideas 😉

  3. Paranormal says:

    the best thing in primefaces is the
    easy integration with other jsf frameworks

  4. Yannick Majoros says:

    at work, we have a big Icefaces application. Would Primefaces work with Icefaces (at least, with Icefaces 2)?

  5. Jonathan Ekwempu says:

    I am the one that actually ran into the problem. I am happy that PF and OF cooperated to solve the problem. Great job. Keep it up.


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