New PrimeFaces Theme: Aristo

We have a new Theme for PrimeFaces Users called “Aristo” created by Tait Brown, I’ve seen this awesome theme at wijmo project(I think wijmo team modified Aristo a bit as Tait’s version and wijmo’s version differs) and done the hard work to integrate wijmo version well with PrimeFaces. Here are some screenshots of Aristo skinned PrimeFaces components;

If you’d like to see Aristo in action, check out PrimeFaces Showcase.

Aristo is available at PrimeFaces Theme Gallery as the 28th Theme.

!PrimeFaces Revolution Continues! Enjoy 🙂


11 Responses to New PrimeFaces Theme: Aristo

  1. d.trott says:

    Looks pretty good ^^

  2. Vladimir says:

    Good!!! Good job, guys!!!
    I like PrimeFaces!

  3. Venu says:

    Very Nice work Tait Brown and cagataycivici. One more reason to use Prime Faces it rocks :-).

  4. jiai says:

    It looks very good on Firefox – but did you ever tested it with IE 8? It’s is ugly and didn’t have very much similarity with the Firefox version.

  5. jiai says:

    Unfortunately on IE 8 it’s not that perfect …

  6. Looks pretty good enough to me considering IE8 standards.

  7. max says:

    Hi, cagatay,

    I just started to use PrimeFaces, I like it very much. I downloaded 2.2 RC1. When I use tag, it doesn’t show Aristo theme. How can I include that. Also all the themes seems to use large font on tab titles etc. like , how can I change it to smaller font? I used style=””, it doesn’t override the font.


  8. Hi Max,

    Join us at PrimeFaces support forum:)

  9. Vijay says:


  10. OneCent says:

    Very nice, only the DropDownListBox does look ugly now.

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