PrimeFaces 2.2.RC2 Released

Prime Technology is glad to announce the release of PrimeFaces 2.2.RC2. This release focuses on maintenance with a couple of new features, overall there are over 60 enhancements.

See full list of all 62 fixed issues for detailed information and downloads section on homepage to get the release.

Users Guide

If you are wondering about the status of new PrimeFaces Reference Guide, half of the work is done, hopefully it will be available with 2.2 final. We’ve decided to use e-junkie to sell the guide as it provided all the services I’ve looked for like stamping name of the buyer to pdf, paypal integration and more. I’m sure PrimeFaces community will support us and contribute to the PrimeFaces development by purchasing the guide which is 450+ pages now. See sample chapter covering accordion panel.


Next stop is 2.2 final, between 2.2.RC2 and 2.2 we’ll probably wait for 2 weeks to receive community feedback, also I’m leading two different projects for our clients powered by PrimeFaces and would like to test RC2 release in production before releasing 2.2 final. As I always say, using PrimeFaces in real life as an application developer really helps us to see things from the PrimeFaces user side which is one of the reasons of making this project success. I’d choose a library that is used by its authors everyday in production rather than a tool provided by any vendor who doesn’t actually use it to create applications.

Regarding PrimeFaces 2.3, target date is January 25, 2011. On same date 2 years before, we’ve released PrimeFaces 0.8, project came a long way since then but passion is still here, we can’t wait anymore to start working on 2.3 as we are excited about the new Ajax Push integration via Atmosphere, redesign of TouchFaces as PrimeFaces Mobile, implementation of top 25 most voted feature requests and all the other surprises.


16 Responses to PrimeFaces 2.2.RC2 Released

  1. Ara Minosian says:

    What components are compatible with GAE?

  2. Oleg says:

    Hello Cagatay,

    Regarding to most voted feature requests – please, think about DateTime calendar and a new themeable Tree implementation with pre-selection. I’m sure you will not forget to include that into PF 2.3 🙂

    Good luck!

  3. Alexandre Verri says:

    I am impressed with the speed with which the versions are released. Congratulations on the quality of work

  4. @Oleg, yes those and more will be in 2.3.

    @Alexandre, thanks, there is a lot of hard work including midnights and weekends 🙂

  5. Mehmet Mutlu Elmas says:

    Uzun zamandır java teknolojileri ile ilgilenmiyordum. Bir proje üzerinde çalışıyorum bu aralar. Teknoloji arayışındayken primeFaces ile tanıştım. Jsf veya Seam ile birlikte kullanmayı düşünüyorum primeFaces’ı. Jsf 2 ile gelen yenilikler beni çok heyecanlandırdı. Yanına da DevExpres tadında primeFaces eklenince bu heyecanım katlandı. Bu projede sizin olduğunuzu duyunca çok sevindim. Bundan 2 yıl önce yaklaşık 22 aylık j2ee eğitimi aldım fakat Türkiye de orta ölçekli firmalar tarafından tercih edilmeyen j2ee üzerine iş bulamadım. Eğitim almam yetmedi çünkü tecrübeli eleman arayışları işe girmeme engel oldu. Artık bir proje yapmanın zamanı geldi de geçiyor bile.


  6. goutham says:

    luv the step indicator on wizard, that is something that I always wanted. Thanks a lot team.


  7. A B says:

    Can’t find the RC2 files on the download page. Are they somewhere else?


  8. horkavlna says:

    Hi, will be supported features “title” – p:editor in final version 2.2, because now is supported only 2.2 M1 and version RC1, RC2 this features missed

  9. D says:

    I really appreciate everything that you’re doing for the community, and realize that this has taken a lot of time and effort to get the product to where it is today; however, I do have a concern about charging for the upcoming reference guide. The price you’ve mentioned is definitely reasonable, but we started using PrimeFaces last year and loved your pitch about keeping it all free ( My main concern is that there will start to be license charges for the use of the product itself. Thanks again for all of the work you’re doing.

  10. Hi D,

    Documentation is commercial now to create resources for the project. No worries, we’ll never ever change the license or close the source.

    I believe an open source and free project, supplied with a commercial side is the best of both worlds. This is something we are trying to with PrimeFaces. Other documentation which is PrimeFaces Showcase will always be free to access as well.

  11. D says:

    Thank you for the quick response and reassurance. I forgot about the Showcase which has been very useful in helping us get some components up and running. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

  12. Ara Minosian says:

    I wait for a guide to buy.

  13. Congratulations for you work Cagatay!
    Regards from Chile

  14. Karl says:

    I agree… very good work indeed…
    I’ve found only one trouble during my experience in primefaces, i know that the dataTable has been re-written completely and i must confirm that i’m still experiencing problems in refreshing of filtered data…
    Can someone give me a feedback that confirm this problems? is it my fault?

    Thank you very much.

  15. Manuel says:

    The advance of PrimeFaces is to be congratulated!
    As a suggestion … I believe that if their schedule-week permit work at 24 hours, ie 18:00 instead of 18pm, a feature would be very welcome by all countries that do not use am and pm in their daily lives.

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