New PrimeFaces Menus Unleashed

For the last couple of days, we were busy with improving the menu components (menubar, menu, menubutton and contextmenu) of PrimeFaces. Process of shifting away from YUI towards jQuery has started in PrimeFaces 2.1 and menu components were some of the remaining YUI based components we have ported to themeroller skins in 2.0.x->2.1. As like any other port, some issues came up also we’ve figured out ways to improve the ease of use. PrimeFaces is now integrated with wijmo project which consists of extensions of jQuery UI including menu widget.

Long story short, menus are rewritten, improved and simplified. As a side bonus, ipod style menu is added to menu family.

Quite some time is spent on backwards compatibility, other than dynamic positioned menus, it is backwards compatible.

Live beta demos are available at;


13 Responses to New PrimeFaces Menus Unleashed

  1. siva says:

    Really good, but…

    If you have used jQuery menu widgets (which are not yet production ready) for rendering these Primefaces components, are they production ready?

  2. jQuery UI has a menu widget(not production) which will be in 1.9 but it doesn’t offer the features of YUI based PrimeFaces menus, on the other hand Wijmo menu widget(production ready) is a perfect replacement as it even offers more(ipod menu). Our testing does not show any major problems with new PrimeFaces menu.

  3. jasphior says:

    can u inform when is the 3.0 release… eagerly waiting!!

  4. siva says:

    “can u inform when is the 3.0 release… eagerly waiting!!”

    Primefaces staff are very notorious in keeping target release dates. You can only expect the 3.0 final release will be around the end of this year!

    (Please note 2.2 final has not been released yet)

  5. Isn’t it better to have it late and more stable? Release date of 2.2 is delayed because of sickness, time at hospital, travelling due to consulting and some other things. Sometime we work more than 10 hours a day, if you are unhappy with what we do, there are other *faces options out there Siva.

  6. siva says:

    “Sometime we work more than 10 hours a day”

    True, you work hard and offer Primefaces free, we really appreciate that.

    But when you announce the estimated release dates be more practical considering real life situations.

    Releasing late is not a problem, but it is not professional to announce an estimated release date much earlier than the practically possible date.

  7. How do you know we announce the estimated dates much earlier than the practically possible date?

  8. siva says:

    By your post:

    You stated as follow:

    “Regarding PrimeFaces 2.3, target date is January 25, 2011. On same date 2 years before, we’ve released PrimeFaces 0.8, project came a long way since then but passion is still here, we can’t wait anymore to start working on 2.3 as we are excited about the new Ajax Push integration via Atmosphere, redesign of TouchFaces as PrimeFaces Mobile, implementation of top 25 most voted feature requests and all the other surprises. “

  9. You’ve missed our other announcement, blog isnt the only place you find information about PrimeFaces roadmap.

    2.2 is just delayed for a week or two for maintenance work.

  10. jasphior says:

    “Release date is delayed because of sickness… travelling… Sometime we work more than 10 hours a day!!” – Happens with me too… 🙂 no complaints!!

    btw… i hav started using primefaces just a couple of days back and i hav not seen any other *faces as cool as these!!

    jst want to say tnx and all d best to primes & autobots…

    – we can understand how a release will affect the other release/development… but considering the primeface’s age and its dev team size… the situation is better in case of primeface compared to other opensources @ the same scale!! (here u get a response even for a comment!!!)

    i would still like to know a tentative date for 3.0…

  11. @jasphior, tentative target date of 3.0 is 11th of April, we’ll be at con-fess conference in Vienna which we have sponsored. Our aim is to present 3.0 or at least a release candidate at the conference.

  12. siva says:

    Primefaces is the best so as the Primefaces team. This is true beyond any question. (That’s why we are here)

    I have not complained anything (no rights to complain as well), but commented about the release dates.

  13. jasphior says:

    Thanks for the date.
    with the list of speakers and the sessions… the conference looks very promising… i wish i could attend!! anyways al d best @ CONFESS 🙂

    🙂 you are welcome!

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