PrimeFaces Form Controls

One of the new features of PrimeFaces is the extended versions of the standard form controls, we’ve planned to introduce these in two versions. inputText and inputTextarea are introduced in 2.2 final, dropdowns, radios and checkboxes will be in 3.0. PrimeFaces form controls extend their standard counterparts most notably with theme integration, following screenshot shows these with two of our themes.

New InputTextarea component also has autoResize feature, when you type the field and exceed the allocated space, instead of displaying scrollbars, textarea will grow with animation. In addition to inputText and textarea, we’ve also styled all PrimeFaces components that render an input text, these include autocomplete, keyboard, spinner, password, inputmask and popup calendar.

Using a styled input control has two main advantages, first your app will look same across browsers and different operating systems and second it will look awesome 🙂


PrimeFaces 3.0 Controls

In 3.0 we’ll introduce our styled version of selectOneMenu, selectManyCheckbox and selectOneRadio. Following is the screenshot of initial prototyping.

Always bet on PrimeFaces!


14 Responses to PrimeFaces Form Controls

  1. Daniel says:


    This looks great!!!!

    Especially the Input Text Area!!!!

    can’t wait for the dropdowns 🙂

    great work cagatay civici !!!!

  2. Alexandre Verri says:

    Excellent news. Now the components will look as smooth.

  3. Stephan Bardubitzki says:

    That’s much needed for a consistence L&F.

  4. Ronald van Kuijk says:

    Compliments indeed… One of the advantages of Primefaces choosing a good existing html/javascript framework instead of developing a new one (like richfaces afaik). Looking forward to the selections…

  5. Anton says:

    Great! Though, this can be only used when all controls are ready altogether, so, looking forward to 3.0 release! )) Is the planned date is may 2011?
    Also, what is the planned date for 2.2 final?

    Thank you guys for your work, I’ve used RF very frequently, but now they seem to be too slow and awkward, as for PF I see, that things are done very rapidly, UI is really rich and development is much more light and clear.

  6. Hi Anton,

    After datatable maintenance and test/qa work, 2.2. will be out. Target is 31st of Jan, next week.

  7. jiai says:

    And what about cross browser compatibility redarding the look?

  8. Should work across decent browsers, IE would fail to render CSS3 stuff like shadows which we add during input focus.

  9. tb says:

    Primefaces looks and works really great and the new features are also great. For our production project we are waiting very much for a finalized version 2.2 with full documentation (don’t get me wrong: the existing documenation is much ahead of some much bigger products and I like its style and scope). It’s just import for us to have stable and closed feature set to build on. Thank you very much.

  10. Hi, for 2.2 final 7 Feb is the target date, this time it is not tentative:)

    Test&QA work is in progress. New Guide is ready, passed to our technical reviewer.

  11. mbauer77 says:

    Great work Catagay !

    This is definitely the “Next Generation” of web development.

  12. tb says:

    Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to the final version.

  13. When will release version 3.0 and version 2.2 final?

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