PrimeFaces on Liferay

To help PrimeFaces users who are looking for a kickstart sample to run a JSF 2.0 – PrimeFaces portlet on liferay, I’ve created a portlet under PrimeFaces examples;

Code is available at;

It’s a small gamble game with ajax functionality, bridge implementation used is one from portletfaces, actually PrimeFaces 2.2.RC2 fails to do ajax in a portlet environment, thanks to a user contribution, it runs fine now.

There is one outstanding issue though, in some requests resources doesn’t seem to be loaded properly, doing a postback fixes that, I think it is an issue with the bridge. I’ve dropped a comment at portletfaces forum, hoping Neil to reply.

Update: Neil Griffin, project lead of portletfaces and JSF lead of Liferay, whom I met in person as well(great guy), contacted me via email regarding resource issue, he’ll look into this soon and we’ll share the results.


10 Responses to PrimeFaces on Liferay

  1. Pageraz says:

    thank you for this example
    but when open the code url
    there is nothing to download
    do i have to connect to the svn ?


  2. OneCent says:

    i like the “BreadCrump” Design above the PrimeFace Portlet – may be something for Version 3?

  3. dmhr says:

    HI when i downloaded the project and imported it into eclipse its showing the following error in pom.xml
    “Missing artifact org.primefaces:primefaces:jar:2.2-SNAPSHOT:compile”.Can you please look in to this issue

  4. Dwayne says:

    Thank you for this example. Our team has been looking for an alternative JSF library to run with Liferay. We’ll invest in the book so your team can keep up the good work. I’m hoping Primefaces + Liferay will work great

  5. shikarishambu says:

    Will this work with Jetspeed2 or just Liferay? I understand that a lot of it will depend on the bridge and portletfaces claims to be container independent.

  6. Mediii says:

    Nice work cagatay,

    what portlet bridge is used to run Primefaces on liferay ?
    is it for only jsf 2.0 ?
    is Jboss Portlet Bridge (with api portlet 2.0) compatible with Primefaces on liferay ?

  7. Hi Mediii, portletfaces bridge is used, I haven’t tested jboss portlet bridge. More info is at;

  8. dmhr says:

    Hi can u pls provide a sample primefaces liferay portlet with spring webflow integration?

  9. visu says:

    Hi I need to interate springwebflow with primefaces in the portlet environment.But I am facing many issues in implementation.Can you pls provide a sample portlet with springwebflow and primefaces

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