ScrollPanel, First New Component of 3.0

PrimeFaces 3.0 development has started fast and furious, I’d like to introduce our first new component, ScrollPanel. It is used to display overflowed content with theme aware cross browser scrollbars instead of browser dependent scrollbars. Button scrolling, custom effects and client side api are notable features. This component is built on top of wijmo superPanel with PrimeFaces extensions. Check out the online demo to see scrollPanel in action at our new labs showcase.


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  1. maxtorzito says:

    So fast

  2. Oleg says:

    Hello Cagatay,

    Very useful component which was missing in PF definitely 🙂 What do you think, can we use it with layout unit (panel)?

    What I miss yet, is the Infinite Scroll. Some links:

    I have to implement infinite scroll for thimbnails. User scrolls and thumbnails are lazy loading. You can see here a similar demo:

    What do you think? Best regards. Oleg.

  3. I’ll check infinite scroll Oleg, thanks for the tip.

  4. For layout, since we migrate away from YUI to jQuery, I’ll test jquery layout (again, I know:), I know you are using it, what’s the status of jquery layout?

  5. Oleg says:

    Hello Cagatay,

    jQuery Layout will be released soon and rewritten as jQuery plugin. After that it will be accepted by jQuery UI team. We disscussed that in the jQuery Layout forum. Kevin Dalman is a nice guy and replies all questions very quickly.

    In order to give you a taste of this cool Layout, I would like to show you my upcoming layout which I made last week for one presentation –

    You see, panels can be resized and closed and the HTML code is really simple (though the jQuery Layout is complex with 1000 settings). I’m writing just now a JSF component based on this layout. It will be tabbed layout with tabs and full page refresh after tab changing, but we can adjust it to PF needs and make it more or less unified.

  6. Thanks for the information Oleg, this looks like a great replacement of our yui based layout. We’ll be one step closer to remove all yui stuff from PF soon. BTW I get alerts when I tried your link on safari.

    Page looks awesome, great job! I see you’ve applied casablanca on your page. Can’t wait to work on new layout.

  7. Oleg says:

    Thanks for pointing to Safari; I never tested with Safari. It will be no problem to make the layout fit for Safari. I’m right at the beginning with my experiment with jQuery Layout.

    Yes, I choosen Casablanca as default (like it more than other), but themeswitcher is available at the right top corner.

    Here is a link how the layout could be coded in JSF (already approved) –

  8. tb says:

    Thank you very much for 2.2 and further Development. Though I bought the Primefaces guide and thus know which components and features are included in 2.2 I would much appreciate if you could include some version-indication in the showcase and future documentation (like “since 3.0” etc.) At least it would be nice to keep the “new”-Symbol until the next stable release is out. Thanks for considering.

  9. @tb, thanks for purchasing the guide.

    We’ve deployed the labs showcase to avoid confusion, new components have new symbol.

    Regular showcase will be on 2.2 until 3.0 release.

  10. Oleg says:

    BTW, my last comment to jQuery layout :-). It supports state management. In unload event (if page is leaving) you can say “save me all panel sizes, closed, open states, etc. in cookies or managed bean or somewhere else”. If page is called again, you can simple restore the state (JSON string). The docu describing state management is a little bit old, you can reference this post if needed

    Just FYI.

  11. Hi Cagatay,

    this is a very useful component I have been waiting for a long time.


  12. tb says:

    Thanks for clarification! The labs showcase is a very good way to do it!

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