PrimeFaces Add-On for Spring ROO

Some time ago, I joined a web conference with friends from SpringSource to discuss a JSF – PrimeFaces add-on for Spring Roo. Idea is to generate rich user interfaces with PrimeFaces in your Roo powered application. The JSF 2.0 add-on has a popular entry in Roo JIRA (ROO-516), it is actually one of the most voted requests in Roo community.

I’m glad to announce that PrimeFaces is the selected library by the Roo team so the add-on will only provide PrimeFaces support at the moment. Note that PrimeFaces is already the suggested library as stated here by Keith Donald to be used in JSF – Spring applications.

I’m just one of the people who are looking forward to the implementation of this great add-on and as I mentioned to the Roo team led by Ben Alex in our discussions, we’ll provide any kind of assist during the development if needed.


2 Responses to PrimeFaces Add-On for Spring ROO

  1. Mike P says:

    This is great news! I have anxiously been following that issue in JIRA and hoping for news of a Spring ROO JSF Add-On.

    Any idea when a deliverable is expected?

  2. Peter M. says:

    Sounds great, but in the meantime it would be great to know how I can integrate PrimeFaces in an existing Spring Roo Setup. – I tried these the last week but without success.

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