PrimeFaces 2.2.1 is Released

Prime Technology is proud to announce that PrimeFaces 2.2.1 is released. This version includes our maintenance work on previous 2.2 release including 11 improvements, one being an important regression issue reported by PrimeFaces Community.

See the detailed changelog to find out what’s changed and check out downloads section to get 2.2.1.

We’re now back on 3.0 Development which is going pretty much on schedule, see PrimeFaces Labs to monitor our progress, orange links are new stuff.

24 Responses to PrimeFaces 2.2.1 is Released

  1. maxtorzito says:


  2. thecanh says:

    I like spreadsheet and sheet. But why remove them on 2.2 version?

  3. thecanh says:

    Hi Civici,

    Can you tell me have any version in the future that include spreadsheet?

    Thanks you.

  4. shinzey says:

    The documentation is no longer free… Really bad news. I’m afraid the door has been closed on many fans like me…

  5. @thecanh, spreadsheet is removed due to license conflict with the plugin we use. We have plans to add spreadsheet behavior to the datatable in a future version.

    @shinzey, real fans buy the documentation to support PrimeFaces.

  6. Tong says:

    I think I am a real fans, even though I am new to PrimeFaces. 13.75 CAD$ to me is OK, I would like to suppoort PrimeFaces, but I am afraid you will go further to 137.5 CAD$, even 1375 CAD$. A lot of real fans would finally can not find a door to support PriceFace.

  7. Jean-Pierre says:

    Hi, I would like to say that the documentation and product is of such importance and benefit to us that we gladly paid for the documentation. Great product and service.

  8. primefaces-newbie says:

    hi civici, thanks for the new release. is it possible to have the code you used to test the following issue? Issue 1733: DataTable : Cannot refresh LazyDataModel with ajax request.
    just though i could learn about refreshing lazydatamodel from it. if its ok, please let me know whr i can find it.

  9. pacothegreko says:

    Thanks, you’re the master!!!!!!!!!! Primefaces 2.2.1 is great, faster than another. Primefaces rules

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s very sad for some of us in who were intending to use primefaces as liked it. No matter how good the product is without documentation being free I don’t see it being a free product.

  11. @Anonymous, documentation is not free so we can keep PrimeFaces free.

  12. @Anonymous, is it ok for us to provide enterprise support with a fee? Or do you also want it to be free?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Think would better at least to be like icefaces or at least provide some basic documentation for it and generate income from enterprise support or such.

  14. Showcase is your basic documentation.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot and I hope that it will remain to be reflecting the latest version and will also be there.

  16. Lance Dolan says:

    @Shinzey and others complaining about documentation price:

    Cagatay is offering a state-of-the-art component library of richness unmatched in the world right now, capable of potentially saving dozens of THOUSANDS of dollars in development costs (these savings I HAVE seen), and yet you’ll have the nerve to complain about him asking for $13 ?? Do you REALLY think Cagatay and his group are going to get RICH of some small amount like that? It might as well be a small donation, and is only a drop in the bucket compared to the savings and richness you’ll get with this tool. I cannot believe you would balk at such a generous offer.

    Thank you Cagatay for your continued efforts and dedication to keep this project open source, and thank you for offering such unparalelled quality documentation so inexpensively! I believe PrimeFaces is the component library of the future

  17. Lance Dolan says:

    And if you really dislike paying $13 for documentation so much, than I invite you to invest the thousands of hours of effort into a project like this. Then you can offer your thorough documentation for free as well. I’d love for you to do that.

  18. J Hall says:

    I’ve looked at Richfaces, Openfaces, Icefaces, Oracle ADF, OpenLaszlo, ZK, Tibco General Faces, SmartClient, GWT, Appcelerator. Neither of these frameworks are comparable to Primefaces, richness + simplicity. Oracle ADF is nice but complex. $13 you can buy a few chocolate bars and a pop (I guess you are a child). The cost for the documentation is next to nothing, stop the complaining. If the frameworks I mentioned were getting the reception as Primefaces they too will be charging like icefaces. Primefaces is an excellent framework!

  19. tmsanchez says:

    Thanks, I’m going to buy the Documentation to support primfaces!!!!

  20. Jérôme Jadoulle says:

    Thank you for the great technology and the great documentation!

    Primefaces is a very good component library for JSF 2! Works fine and the doc is complete and up to the point.

    Keep up the good word!

    For those who wonder how the payment is performed, it is a 5-seconds-of-your-time-secured-paypal payment. You are then redirected to an url automatically starting the upload of the user guide to you.

    Thank you again!

  21. Marcelo Silva says:

    Thanks you for this great project. The documentation fee is a nice strategy for supporting the project while keeping the framework usage free. I’ll gladly support this project.

  22. IMHO, this is the best JSF component suite around, and well worth the small fee for documentation. It’s much better than the typical “Community Edition/Enterprise Edition” approach used by most other companies. As an owner of a recent startup, I think it’s a freshing approach to cover the bills. Keep up the great work Cagatay and Co.

  23. Tarik says:

    Hi civici,
    First thx for the very good product you deliver to the community. I have a question concerning documentation: when we buy the documentation is it for a specific release even if it is a minor release? Is it for major release? Can U explain please?



  24. David Amaya says:

    Is there a possibillity of a printed version of the documentation? just for those who like the real paper …..

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