PrimeFaces will be at JAXConf/JSFSummit

Yesterday I’ve blogged about my PrimeFaces session being rejected by JAXConf/JSFSummit and my decision to withdraw(I’ve deleted that entry not to keep such a negative one on my blog). After emailing several times with organizers (Kito and Claudia), they have explained me the situation. Turns out PrimeFaces was selected in initial sessions but not added due to uncertainty about covering my travel expenses since Turkey to US is an expensive flight and most other speakers are US based.

Long story short, we’ve resolved our issues that are caused by a huge miscommunication and I’m glad to announce that I’ll be at JAXConf/JSFSummit with my “PrimeFaces: Next Generation Component Suite” session. In previous JSFSummit, PrimeFaces talk was considered to be one of the best of the conference, hopefully highly improved version will be much more entertaining.

Conference site is updated as well:

See you in San Jose then!


6 Responses to PrimeFaces will be at JAXConf/JSFSummit

  1. Jay Balunas says:

    I’m glad your coming, and can’t wait to touch base and talk interoperability with PrimeFaces and RichFaces.

  2. Siva says:

    Glad to hear!

  3. See you there Jay, having different jQuery versions might be the problem. Let’s talk about this over a beer there 🙂

  4. Very cool. Good Luck man.

  5. DWuysan says:

    I am so glad to hear this 😀

  6. Tuvshin says:

    Wow. very cool

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