PrimeFaces TimePicker

TimePicker add-on for PrimeFaces calendar is one of the most voted requests in our issue tracker with 58 votes, so I’ve added this functionality as an integrated feature to the calendar component. Notable features are;

  • Integrated to calendar component
  • Standalone timepicker functionality without date
  • Selectable time ranges
  • Step factors

Online Demo

Beta demo is available at Labs Showcase.

3.o Development Progress

We are on schedule for 3.0 development, next week I’m on a break for on-site consulting and will move on to new tree/treeTable implementations after the break. We’re planning to do a milestone 1 release for 3.0 in mid march before starting with milestone 2 which will include new PrimeFaces Mobile and PrimeFaces Push. There will be a third milestone with reimplementations of layout, charts, colorpicker, carousel (complete removal of remaining YUI stuff), implementation of most voted feature requests, fixes of reported bugs and then we are good to go with a release candidate in april.

We are getting there fast and furious.


3 Responses to PrimeFaces TimePicker

  1. Anton says:

    Perfect!! Unfortunately had to implement hour and minute myself so far, but I know for sure, what will be the next refactoring for me :))

  2. Lina says:

    I’m just trying 2.2, but I already use 2.1, and by that time I needed an hour picker. Great to see that it’s coming new features!!!!

  3. PF says:

    Primefaces – I’m Lovin’ It 😉

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