Prototype of new PrimeFaces Tree

I’ve started the visual prototype of new tree component of 3.0. Tree is actually one of the 5 left-overs(tree, charts, carousel, layout, colorpicker) from our old YUI code base and it will be reimplemented from ground up for 3.0 like others. Current one has various limitations, doesn’t look cool, not theme aware and in general does not match PrimeFaces standards. Here is a screenshot to compare the old one with the new one(uses rocket theme).

I’ve already implemented an alpha version of this prototype and it is so far so good. It will be backward compatible, will fix all the limitations and has extra features like dragdrop. In summary powered by PrimeFaces Community Feedback.


14 Responses to Prototype of new PrimeFaces Tree

  1. Caesar Ralf Franz Hoppen says:

    This sure looks nice (:

  2. Mediii says:

    Why removing the dashed lines on tree nodes?

    is YUI will be used again for the new tree component in pf 3 ?
    or are you going to regroup all js dependencies by using a single lib like JQuery ?

  3. Sheng Gu says:

    Good design, Cagatay. For expanded node toggle (tri-angle), is it possible to change 90 degree, which looks like on Win 7 explorer tree?

  4. Yes, YUI will be gone forever as of 3.0.

  5. Hi Sheng, I don’t use windows 7 so need to check 🙂 But component styles will be much easier to customize as themes are inplace now compared to old one.

  6. Carlos Natalino says:


    There are a possible of the PrimeFaces team developer a component like this?

    I think this component will help many users of PM. I’m needing this component and not know how to do it in JSF.

  7. Robert M. says:

    Hi Cagatay, thanks for your awesome work!

    Any chance for a similar thing like the Webcam-Component but for audio? i.e. record Audio at the client and upload it to the server using the new fileupload-component?

  8. farouk says:

    Hi Catagay.

    Thank you for primefaces. we have started using it for our new projects and are really happy with it. hope one day we will also be enterprise customers of yours.

    Anyway, regarding trees, we want to implement dynamic content based on the node selection so that selecting the container displays container information and selecting the leaf displays leaf information as done by the icefaces tree.

    Is it possible to do this with primefaces?

  9. Hi Farouk,

    That can be done with nodeSelectListener.

    Demos of new tree will be up next week!

  10. Jon W says:

    way to go Mr. Civici :] very pleased

  11. Hi Cagatay, Iknow here is not the place for help the people but i have a little problem with a gmap (Primefaces-2.2.1) but i dont know how can i fix that, The problem is with a overlaySelectListener when i receive in the method:
    public void onmarkerSelect (OverlaySelectEvent event){
    Marker marker = (Merker) event.getOvelay(); // here takes a null value
    System.out,println(“marker: “+marker.getTitle()); // nullPointerException

    plis help me. my mail is,

  12. farouk says:

    is it possible to disable or make a tree node readonly?

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