New PrimeFaces Tree

I was on the road for on-site consulting last week and travelled quite a lot. Despite these time consuming things, thanks to midnights and any kind of spare time I can find, I’ve managed to come up with the new PrimeFaces Tree implementation as announced before. New Tree is written from ground up to fix the problems and limitations of our old tree. It is one of our home grown(not wrapping a third party widget) components like datatable, picklist, toolbar, panel …

Currently notable features are;

  • Theme Integration
  • Client side or Ajax enabled
  • Three selection modes: Single, Multiple and Checkbox
  • Node icons
  • Custom node contents
  • Ajax callbacks for selection, expand and collapse events
  • Drag and Drop based reordering

Online Demo

Demos are available at PrimeFaces Labs. Tree is at alpha stage and will be tested by PrimeFaces QA team(Yigit and Deniz) before throwing it out to the jungle with 3.0.M1.

What’s Next?

New PrimeFaces Mobile, successor of TouchFaces!


3 Responses to New PrimeFaces Tree

  1. Michael Bavin says:

    Great how you keep going, even if you feel like you’re doing 2-3 jobs at the same time. I know the feeling and it’s quite hard!

    Great, great job man!

  2. mpashworth says:

    It looks simply AWESOME!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The tree looks awesome! Thanks for your effort and the primefaces.

    I downloaded the latest version from the svn server (3.0-SNAPSHOT). When running together with my application, it complains about not understanding of $(function ()…) I assume it is something to do with where jQuery is placed?

    With the previous release of 3.0-SNAPSHOT, select and select listener of the tree do not work.

    I’m sorry to post software issues here, but I could not log into Primefaces forum to lodge problem reports.

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