PrimeFaces Influence

Lately I see more examples about PrimeFaces Influence on other libraries, gathered a couple of examples;

RichFaces Sandbox

This is a project led by Bernard Labno, there are 8 components currently and 7 of them have been in PrimeFaces more than 6 months ago. Forum posts linked to each component has references to PrimeFaces. For example;

Schedule: “Primefaces just call the same URL, as the page on which the component is used, but only that component is being re-rendered”

Notify/Growl: “Hello. As I said in some other post, Richfaces need Growl like component (Primefaces have it already). I’m trying to create one”

Focus: “Proposition looks nice, but I’ve just looked at primefaces p:focus component, and it looks a bit easier to use no need to test”

I think by the time PrimeFaces 3.0 is out, Bernard will get more inspirations so expect more components in this project.


ThemeRoller is a powerful feature of PrimeFaces, we have 30+built-in themes and you can create your own with a fun theme designer tool online. Here is an an interesting forum post in RichFaces forum with a JIRA ticker and a similar one from IceFaces Jira.

Atmosphere for Ajax Push

PrimeFaces is integrated with Atmosphere Framework since 2009 and I’ve seen that RichFaces is going to rewrite their push component with atmosphere.

Sum Up

We’ve started PrimeFaces 2 years ago after experiencing all the component suites in our JSF projects and believed that we can do better. It seems we are on the right path since innovation is copied all the time in any sector.

Always bet on the Original!


8 Responses to PrimeFaces Influence

  1. bitec says:

    Used both RF and Icefaces, can summ up, that PF is more light in use and lets achieve more effecient/affect UI, than those frameworks. But the resolving factor (for me) for new project was the full support for jsf 2.0. Both frameworks lacked (still lack?) it but in my project I higly wanted to use j2EE6, not previous one. That was why I choosed the new framework and now can say it was absolutely right way!

  2. maxtorzito says:

    Yeah baby!!!

  3. Quoobik says:

    Wowww, it seems the PF evolution is right! 😉

  4. Bruno says:

    Credit where it is due, ThemeRoller is a JQuery UI feature that Primefaces just assimilated because the majority of its components are JSF wrappers of JQuery UI widgets, so anybody is allowed to use Themeroller and that would not be copying…

    Also we could say that initial Primefaces features (ajax engine?) were just copies from the other frameworks, so I’d rather not bet on the Original.

    Having said all that, I use PF myself and love it, I bought the guide just to support the project, I just don’t like this “My Component Set is Bigger than Yours” behavior, open source should not be about competition.

  5. samkrao says:

    Yeah Catagay you need not mention, today Primefaces is the best and extensive collection of JSF2.0 component Suites available after looking Trinidad, tomhawk, tobago, richfaces,dojofaces,openfaces and icefaces.

    It is easier and simpler to use.

    Thanks a lot for your efforts in making it simpler yet powerful and also suffices almost every need of web development.
    Thanks a lot once again for such a wonderful component framework

  6. samkrao says:

    I’m really sorry for misprint of your name in my previous post Cagatay

  7. Hi Cagatay, Iknow here is not the place for help the people but i have a little problem with a gmap (Primefaces-2.2.1) but i dont know how can i fix that, The problem is with a overlaySelectListener when i receive in the method:
    public void onmarkerSelect (OverlaySelectEvent event){
    Marker marker = (Merker) event.getOvelay(); // here takes a null value
    System.out,println(“marker: “+marker.getTitle()); // nullPointerException

    plis help me. my mail is,

  8. Frank says:

    PrimeFaces is unique.

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