PrimeFaces Mobile Development Environment

I’ve set up a fun development environment for the new PrimeFaces Mobile, successor of TouchFaces. For Iphone I use the emulator and for android I use my own htc desire connected to local network so I can test PrimeFaces instantly. Having said that PrimeFaces Mobile is based on jQuery Mobile so a wide range of devices(etc iphone, android, windows mobile, blackberry) are supported. Demos are coming soon!


5 Responses to PrimeFaces Mobile Development Environment

  1. chenshu says:

    Haha,I find you are using NetBeans and maven.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great job! Thanks!

  3. No, that is eclipse and ant 🙂

  4. Luis says:

    When will the stable version primefaces mobile?

  5. Kleber says:


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