PrimeFaces Mobile Begins

PrimeFaces Mobile Development has begun this week, it will be available in 3.0 and replace our old mobile solution TouchFaces which was a proof-of-concept work. PrimeFaces Mobile is based on community feedback gathered so far and powered by jQuery Mobile so a wide range of platforms such as iphone, android, palm, blackberry, windows mobile are supported.

A mobile page is still a simple JSF page, most of the standard components can be used without modifications, PrimeFaces Mobile introduces a new taglib with a couple of mobile specific components. PrimeFaces Ajax APIs can be used so you have Ajax built-in to implement native experience. I’ve also hooked ajax to jQuery Mobile’s ajax status indicator which is a nice dialog.  Currently local navigation is working meaning a page with multiple views. Next step is to implement remote navigation integrated with JSF Navigation system, so when yourpage.xhtml is navigated to, PrimeFaces Mobile will find the outcome and include the page with ajax on the fly. This will be a performance boost for page load if your mobile app will have many views as they will be lazy loaded.

Development is example driven so we develop it according to the different use cases, to start with there are two mobile apps which are Weather and a Twitter Client. See PrimeFaces Labs for the demos. We’ll be adding many more demos soon like News, Notes, Satellite Navigation and more, each demonstrating a different feature. Also once we completed updating PrimeFaces Push to latest Atmosphere, a mobile chat application and a GPS powered push enabled application will be available.


8 Responses to PrimeFaces Mobile Begins

  1. maxtorzito says:

    Thanks again for your great work!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    sounds promising!

    keep up with the amazing work!

  3. varunshaji says:

    I got lightening struck !!! Good work. is thr any other JSF mobile libraries..First time coming across one!1 aGood finding

  4. Michael says:

    Is there is nightly build available for us to try?

  5. Nightly builds are at;

    Note that it is in progress, we need next week to finalize the PrimeFaces Mobile Beta.

  6. Vince says:

    This is excellent news. I’ve just given a demo of one of our company’s internal (intranet) webpages, rewritten to use the latest pm tags. They were absolutely bowled over that we could port our pages to smartphone format with touching the underlying JSF.

    The only catch is, until version 3.0 comes out it is “vapourware”. When is version 3.0 scheduled for (approximately)?

  7. Hi Vince, 3.0.M1 is due 11th of April.

  8. Vince says:

    Oh, and where should bugs be reported to…

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