Revenge is best served cold

Here is an interesting real life story;

I’ve lived in the UK for 2 years, at first for the initial 6 months, I was there with a tourist visa as I didn’t have a work permit. I had to be there with my wife who was doing her masters. Anyway I was hoping that a company will sponsor me, but it never happened, I can’t even pass the recruitment agents because they don’t forward my CV to the companies since I don’t have a work permit. That is when I’ve started PrimeFaces to spend the day time on something.

Then a well known company which we all know decided to hire me and sponsor me with the work permit then economic downfall started so they have cancelled the work permit application after waiting 3 months. So everything was going down for me, no work, London was extremely expensive, I had two months of cash left to pay the rent. So I’ve decided to go back to Turkey to apply Tier1 visa which is a special work permit visa to work as a contractor. It was obvious that with no work permit, I had no chance in the UK. So I went back and luckily I got the visa, after coming back I found a job in 3 days and got it all together.

After that in my time in the UK, I mainly worked in two projects, one was using IceFaces and other was RichFaces. Well, I needed the cash:) and it was an opportunity for me to see what these two libraries (who dominated the JSF space back then) can provide, what is missing, what could be done better. In parallel, PrimeFaces development was progressing at midnights.

Jobserve was a site that I often used to look for jobs to find something suitable for me, with a little hope that recruitment agent will forward my cv to the client even though I had no damn visa at that time. I’ve seen this today, there are others as well;

Yes, a company is looking for PrimeFaces developers!

Although I’ve moved back to Turkey  6 months ago, recruitment agents still have my cv in their database so I get emails about this job today which I enjoy ignoring. Actually it can be fun when you talk to an amateur recruitment agent, they can even ask you stupid questions like do you have PrimeFaces experience?

Revenge is best served cold! 😉


5 Responses to Revenge is best served cold

  1. Daniel says:


    A really good one!

  2. Tamir Efron says:

    Funny story and familiar problem.

    BTW my son also like to use this saying;-)

  3. farouk says:

    Hi Catagay
    Sorry about your experience in the UK. I’m also on a visa and sometimes its quite a bad experience. Funny the Visa people dont do background search properly to keep talent in the country. They prefer cheap labour from Eastern Europe to professional and experience people like u.
    Anyway, I leave near Bristol so happy to take on opportunities that involve primefaces. send them my email address. I think primefaces has a better future than the others as it doesn’t inolve the coporate noise that goes with the others.

    Anyway, just updated my 3.0-SNAPSHOT and saw all the new tree stuff..good work.

    Your wikipedia page will be up soon as you have written ur name in history books with ur innovation!

  4. Hi Farouk, thanks very much for your comment, really encouraging!

  5. Chuong says:

    Hi Catagay

    Thanks for creating Primefaces, I came across it today from a googled search. I finally decided to move away from Icefaces and Richfaces as the integration for these two are often nightmares (at least for me). Tomahawk is basic. I quite like Primefaces’ no-nonsense distribution library – pretty neat – and the professional look of the components!

    I already had a look at this site – – but I couldn’t find what I wanted. So my questions are: 1) With the Calendar component, can you specify inline event for each cell in the calendar much like the Scheduler component – and can the data comes from a backend datatabase. 2) Same question as 1 for the Schedule component.

    I’m using JSF 2 so I will be using JPA with JSF and I’m hoping to integrate Primefaces with JPA too – if that is possible.

    Can you provided some basic examples or direct me to examples online that have JSF 2 + JPA + Primcefaces.

    Thanks for any response.

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