PrimeFaces Rocks On Google App Engine

Maven GAE plugin is now integrated to the build of PrimeFaces showcase so it means we can now easily deploy showcase to AppEngine. Here is a very recent build of showcase running on GAE.


10 Responses to PrimeFaces Rocks On Google App Engine

  1. Daniel says:

    PrimeFaces Rocks on GAE!!!

  2. Venu says:

    Inplace link in showcase is not working in GAE

  3. Venu, thanks for the heads up, sample is fixed/updated now and working fine on GAE.

  4. Daniel says:

    Schedule does not work in showcase on GAE…

  5. Schedule sample is fixed and updated Daniel, thanks.

  6. Hello!
    I’m having a problem to run PrimeFaces showcase in the GAE. In the tomcat 6 ran cool.
    you have changed something in the project? besides of course remove the classes that use the images.
    Could you please send me the zip of project. Because I have a site in GAE + JSF 2.0 ( and I would put the primefaces.
    Thank you,

  7. To run showcase at gae;

    – Set state saving to client.
    – Uncomment glassfish-el config in web.xml


    mvn gae:run -P gae

  8. Marcelo Nunes says:

    Thank you =)

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