Free User’s Guide 3.0

I’m quite tired of being criticized by making User’s Guide paid to create extra resources for the project(sorry for that), so it will be free in 3.0 again. Hope this will make everyone happy. We gave up on expecting funds from community(never worked well with donations or paid user guide) instead we’ll focus on enterprise side with premium support, consulting, training and outsource development. I think this is a better model as it worked much better until now.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project by purchasing guide 2.2.


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  1. Armando Flores Ibarra says:

    Leave a pay option available !!!

  2. I hope you found another source of funding 😦
    It was something fair ( pay a fee for User’s Guide ).
    Why don’t you think an hybrid solution ( i.e. a free simple user guide and a more sophisticated – advanced that we have to pay to get it )
    Regards from Greece

  3. Yes we have other funds indeed so guide sales was not the only income for PrimeFaces, it was extra but unfortunately not everyone liked the idea of contributing the project as you do. People still seem to think all side services like documentation, support should be free in open source although various models exist.

  4. Danilo G. Magrini says:

    I hope you do not take it personally. I do not mind paying for user guide so I bought the 2.2 version, but I think the criticism is because of some “simple components” are still bugged as new components are being developed.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that there are people who criticize that you will make some money out of your tremendous efforts in providing the community a state-of-the-art JSF framework. What do these people expect?

    Yes, keep an option to pay for the user guide, donate or whatever, but don’t stop the project!!!

    One day, I’m sure, it will pay you in some way or the other.


  6. Stop the project? No Stephan, in fact we’ll hire more developers to work on PrimeFaces full time. We had donations in the past but that didn’t get much attraction as well. We gave up expecting funds from community instead focused on enterprise side with enterprise users, consulting, training and outsource development. This seems to be working much better compared to paid user’s guide and donations. PrimeFaces now has 12 enterprise clients, and one enterprise contract is equal to 500 user’s guide sales. You never know unless you try things right 🙂 PrimeFaces seems to dominate JSF 2.0 market now and we’ll make sure it keeps doing so. Stay tuned for more announcements.

  7. Good to hear Cagatay!!!

  8. Danilo G. Magrini says:

    “We gave up expecting funds from community”
    The community does not just help with funds, and if today the primefaces arrived at this level, it is because the active community forum on the forehead and share problems and solutions for free (without cost).

  9. I just meant the financial funds Danilo, of course community is what makes PrimeFaces powerful.

  10. cj91 says:

    I guess your sanity is worth more than charging a bunch of whiners for the guide…I was hoping that people would accept the showcase code as the “free documentation” and the PF Guide as the heavy duty git-r-done reference…

    This is pretty disappointing, but it’s the same thing that happened to Hibernate. Go to the Hibernate forums and read the first few posts… Most of them are like “Hi, I got hired for a position I’m not qualified for. I need you to write me some code really fast before I get fired. Because of this, I don’t have time to search/read documentation… why aren’t you answering yet?”

  11. @cj91, completely agree with you. Even after 3.0 guide will be free, we will still get criticized because of not answering each question in support forum:) There is no end for this I guess.

  12. Heric says:

    I have one question. Any chance that the 2.2 guide goes free now? I know its unfair to the ones that already bought it but i think there is no reason to keep it payed if u going to open the 3.0 doc soon.

  13. marcbaechinger says:


    don’t mind about trolls. Go ahead. Keep dominance 🙂

    Going the enterprise way is indeed much more promising than selling user guides. Having the user guide free also may lower the traffic in the forum. More people find their solution by their own and are not required to post anymore. Others can learn more about primefaces and are able to answer questions in the forum.

    A company behind an open source project like primefaces enables many companies to make money by using it in their projects or selling consulting services. All of us are doing this. No reasons for complain so far as nobody pays for using primefaces and everybody can choose not to use it.

    many thx for primefaces

  14. siva says:

    Who critisized you for charging a small amount for the users guide? No one can “critisize” for being asked to pay for a product or service.

  15. Willy Gadney says:

    Last night when I read the email of the new blog entry, I found it quite sad. It seems some people just don’t get the point of Open Source or Free Software in general. I am referring to the old mantra of “Free as in freedom, not free as in beer”. The fact of the matter is that we live in a monetary economy and even though we may do something we love and would like to give it away for free, someone still has to pay the bills.

    I guess that is the trickiest thing about open source. How do you make money from it? It reminds me of the whole “The Magic Cauldron” article in “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”.

    Personally I quite like the MySQL model with its dual licensing (GPL and commercial) scheme. The GPL license is there for those who are prepared to open source their own software. Then there is the commercial license for those who aren’t. I like the idea of getting the criticizers to put their money where their mount is.

    Thanks to the PrimeFaces team for creating such a wonderful product.

  16. farouk says:

    hey catagay, I normally don’t pay for stuff but for primefaces I did and felt proud of it!!
    So just let me pay for the 3.0 version as well!

    Anyway, this is quite cool.

  17. farouk says:

    On another development, I want to write unit tests for the primefaces components using JSFUnit but don’t know where or how to start.
    I saw this
    but it looks like they have a special RichFacesClient to use so i dont know how to start with Primefaces. I will prefer to be able to use the framework before writing my own clients

    I looked in the mojarra code and they seem to only test RenderKits, Viewhandlers and things like that. not the components themselves.

    So if you can just drop a sample test for a component in the examples source or somewhere, i will be really really grateful


  18. Tuvshin says:


  19. Peter says:

    Nice! – But Not Keeses, the product iOS Greatfull and 10€ for a good Dokumentation are Not to much. – If you want it for free, you can Read. The examples and API-Doc.
    Free Software is Great but developers have to Be paid, Zoo.

  20. Paul Brickell says:

    It’s a damn shame. I think primefaces is superb. A few guide for the user guide? I didn’t even have to stop to think about it.

  21. Marco Purmer says:

    I have purchased the 2.2 documentation and haven’t regret the purchase. Would have paid for the the 3.0 as well. I also believe that open-source projects need funding. So i would suggest that everybody that is so heroic in this blog saying they don’t mind paying for the 3.0 documentation will put the deed behind their words and pay 10 euro when downloading the documentation. I think the same paypal or donation paypal account can be used?

  22. Yes, for community users who want to contribute we can still keep the payment option for 3.0, for those who don’t want to contribute, a free download link can be available.

  23. For when is 3.0 planned to be released? Is the context menu going to be properly supported for the data table?

    And I gladly paid for the user guide!

  24. Chris says:

    Hi Cagatay and Community,

    I proudly purchased Guide 2.2. It is a shame whinners don’t appreciate the hours that go into writing AND maintaining this excellent JSF framework. A few Euros/Dollars… Give me a break!

    Moving forward, the only thing I ask is the PF documentation continue its comprehensive coverage of the framework and not degrade. Like others said, I would be willing to pay for a “Professional” version of the documentation vs. the “Whinners” version. This should be kept in mind for those of us that have implemented and need to maintain PF-based applications. Peace!


  25. Pitutos says:

    This is for all you weep to pay a few cents for something as useful as is the documentation. I’m from Argentina and is much more expensive to pay the documentation for me than for someone in the U.S. or Europe, but I will feel proud to pay for the 3.0 documentation. As one great here in Argentina said, “there is people and persons”.

    Cagatay, you and your team are great!

  26. Italo Gomes says:

    It’s always a pleasure to contribute a content with this quality, primefaces is not only the best set of JSF components but also the most promising, certainly one of the reasons why many developers and architects continue to use the JSF even in several situations we are tempted to use other market alternatives.

    Thank you for your excellent work.

  27. OneCent says:

    A shame that you are that much criticized for selling the Doc. It is common that developer get some cash back with selling Books about the product. The reason i switched from Ice to Prime was because prime did not have “enterprise components” and expensive “runtime fees” for them. I had and have no problems with paying for a doc or donate (i did both). I hope you are not that much frustrated.

  28. @OneCent, not much frustrated maybe a little bit disappointed. Having said that, PrimeFaces will never have paid enterprise components or runtime fees.

    We are quite happy with the enterprise support at the moment also the the outsource business PrimeFaces brings since we are not a vendor but develop software in the end. As I’ve said before, guide was something extra, if you still want to contribute, there will be a payable guide link in addition to the free download link.

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments, we’ll make sure PrimeFaces stays as the leading JSF suite in the future.

  29. Kenneth says:

    I can’t image how people could criticise yours work and wonder
    to get your hard work for free.
    I fully agree we should contribute for primefaces development one way or another.

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