Virtua Inc. and Prime Technology Partnership

Prime Technology is glad to announce a partnership with Virtua Inc. See official announcement.

Prime Technology is based in Turkey and since PrimeFaces is a popular library world-wide, we have been looking for ways to expand PrimeFaces services in the US and in Europe. Virtua Inc. is led by Kito D. Mann, world renowned expert in Java EE, JSF and portals. With our partnership, Virtua and Prime will be cooperating together to deliver trainings and consulting world wide.


5 Responses to Virtua Inc. and Prime Technology Partnership

  1. Daniel says:



  2. Quoobik says:


  3. Tuvshin says:


  4. George de la Torre says:


    Cagatay, perhaps your first project you can show Kito how to write a useful JSF book!



  5. Kito Mann says:

    @George: the book got pretty high praise at the time… obviously it’s outdated now :-).

    Anyway, we’re looking forward to working with Prime Technology and supporting PrimeFaces customers in the US and Europe.

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