Can’t make it to JAX 2011 in San Jose

My flight tickets from Turkey->USA are not covered by conference organizers so unfortunately I can’t make it to JAX in San Jose this june.


3 Responses to Can’t make it to JAX 2011 in San Jose

  1. Ara says:

    My too instead of this letter.

    Dear Ara,

    Congratulations on being voted a JBoss Community Leader for your work in the Issue/JIRA category!

    We would like to invite you to attend JUDCon May 2-3 in Boston to be recognized for you efforts. We’re also considering flying recipients in, though this hasn’t been decided upon.

    Would you be interested in attending? If so, would you be flying in from?


    Rayme Jernigan
    JBoss Developer Programs
    Red Hat, Inc

  2. Jan Groth says:

    What a false attempt to save money for the committee…

    I reckon that filling the void with JAX / Germany in two weeks is not a real option?



  3. Hi Jan,

    No, Jax in Germany is not an option.

    Anyway let’s get back to work for PrimeFaces 3.0.M2 🙂

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