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Conference break is over and I’ve started working on PrimeFaces 3.0.M2. First improved thing in 3.0.M2 is the layout component, previous layout component was based on YUI layout and as you already now, we are trying to replace the remaining YUI stuff in PrimeFaces with third party jQuery counterparts when available or write our own widgets. Old layout was doing the job but had various limitations. New Layout is based on jQuery Layout project with a couple of PrimeFaces extensions, notable features are;

  • Full page layout up to 5 regions
  • Element based layout
  • Nested Layouts
  • Client and Server side listeners for events such as toggle, resize, close.
  • Native integration with PrimeFaces themes.

Demos are available at PrimeFaces labs. Checkout the MailBox sample that shows various PrimeFaces components in action. Also complex sample has now a menubar and a dialog to show how to use overlay components within layout.


6 Responses to New PrimeFaces Layout

  1. west farmer says:

    gread work

  2. Hi Cagatay,

    nice work. Two questions:

    – Is the new layout 100% backward compatible?
    – I’m wondering why the center layout unit in the full page example has the native scrollbar? Is there no way to implement PF scrollPanel?

    Keep rocking.


  3. – Unfortunately it is not backward compatible, tried that but just doesn’t fit our new widget. Migration should be easy thanks to migration guide though, it took me a minute to migrate my layouts to new one.

    – Thought about that but first thing to do is to make sure layout runs fine for everybody then we can think of improvements like that. Same applies to scrollable datatable.

  4. Can you point me to the layout migration guide?

  5. noufal says:

    Hi Excellent demo.
    Do you have the source code for this mailbox

    Thanx in advance

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