New PrimeFaces ColorPicker

Old PrimeFaces ColorPicker wasn’t lightweight as I wanted it to be, it was requiring many resources to be loaded on the page and it was YUI based which we try to replace with jQuery as I’ve explained before. 3.0.M2 has a new colorPicker built on top of jQuery ColorPicker plugin with various PrimeFaces extensions to make it play nice with JSF programming model. Notable improvements of new colorPicker over old one are;

  • Lightweight
  • New display modes, inline and popup
  • Uses simple hex values instead of java.awt.Color
  • Improved style selectors
  • Can be updated with Ajax
Online Demos

See PrimeFaces Labs to see new ColorPicker in action!


4 Responses to New PrimeFaces ColorPicker

  1. Daniel says:

    Looking good

  2. kanikman says:

    Great. Google displays OpenFaces ads on PrimeFaces owner page ;).

  3. Anonymous says:

    nice prime is good

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have learned primefaces for a long time . It does a good job ,I like it very much.
    when I use it ,I found some thing to enhance .I have a suggestion to many component .
    For eaxample datatable , in real environment ,used for diplaying a collection of objects .
    Before loading some object, we need to get many conditions from a form’s fields or some other componet to filter .
    but i test and find that form fields are send to server but skip processing phrase . Then i must get it form the httpservletrequest,
    I think it’s not a good idea .so I think many primefaces component such as tree ,treetable,datagrid ,autocomplete …eveny every component every different event should add this attribute .The all work left is to change the every component ajax request implemention and then add the value to PrimeFaces.PARTIAL_PROCESS_PARAM .
    Thanks .

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