Introducing New PrimeFaces Logo

PrimeFaces Logo Contest ended as of today, we’ve received many logos from community and from professional designers at 99designs. Here are some notable logos, thanks for everyone who spent time on their logos.

And the winner is…

I like the modern and badass look of our new logo, when I look at it, it inspires and motivates me even more. It manages to have both ancient and modern feeling at the same time just like our old Transformers logo :). Just like what PrimeFaces aims, rock solid and innovative.

!!!Always bet on PrimeFaces!!!


3 Responses to Introducing New PrimeFaces Logo

  1. Jérôme Jadoulle says:

    Good choice!

    Always bet on Primefaces indeed!

  2. bitec says:

    Super! ))

  3. eren says:

    very cooool, optimus!

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