PrimeFaces-Spring Code Generation

SkySoftware, creator of MyEclipse for Spring Tool has put a screencast on Video demonstrating PrimeFaces-Spring code generation from database schemas. Great work! Tool is awesome, feedback I can give is to update PrimeFaces version and use p:* form components and allow an option in wizard to select the theme to use.

Also friends at SpringSource contacted me to provide an update on JSF-PrimeFaces addon for Spring ROO. Can’t reveal much other than “stay tuned” a bit more. 🙂


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  1. Oleg says:

    Generating of CRUD web applications (JSP, JSF, etc.) from database schemas is not a new concept. It exists definitely 10 years yet. A lot of tools can do that. More flexible and unversal would be generating of code from UML activity diagramms, BPM, BEPL or similar workflows. I know a couple of tools having this feature. I’m using e.g. WebML / WebRatio – (my favorite). Can SkySoftware (SpringTool) this too? Or they are restricted to PrimeFaces-Spring code generation from database schemas? Just interesting. Thanks.

  2. I’m not the one to ask.

  3. As far as I know they can also generate GWT, Iphone, SWF, MVC …

  4. Oleg says:

    Yes, thanks Cagatay. My question was – can they generate code more flexible from UML design (especially activity diagramms) or only by reading of database schemas? But ok. Thanks for the info.

  5. Oleg says:

    I have asked because WebML / WebRatio can only generate the code for JSP / ASP.NET, but not for JSF at the moment. You have to write an own XSL to transfrom diagramms to JSF. I’m not a good expert in XSL transformation and asked you therefore if SpringTool can do JSF code generation from some declarative descriptions (like XMI as UML format) ;-).

  6. Exciting stuff going on! 🙂

    I love Roo but ditched MyEclipse a while ago…but now downloading again to check out their JSF integration.

    And I guess you already know about the project but just in case, generates Spring + JSF2 + Primefaces apps too.

    Keep up the awesome work!


  7. Ronald van Kuijk says:


    My experience is that UML is *generated* if needed to visually show things, but the code is the basis (or the DB schema). A training by Jim Coplien confirmed my experience. Only ‘old school’ architects (funny read is how Coplien sees architecture. It fits almost perfectly with my view). So not being able to generate from ULM is a non issue for me.

    What I do like to have is e.g. a maven artifact for this, so I’m IDE independent.

  8. Figura says:

    Glad to hear that you are tagging with SpringSource on the Roo project. I’ve been tuned to this addon for a long time, and I can’t wait to hear more news. Spring and Primefaces are both great!

  9. Ronald van Kuijk says:

    Just to let everybody know, I just started working on a primefaces plugin for Seam Forge. It’s kind of like Spring Roo (from what I’ve heard) Once something is available, I’ll write a blog about it.

  10. Hi Ronald, author of Seam Forge is a friend of mine. We’d be glad to announce your work to community.

  11. Ronald van Kuijk says:

    it is very preliminary, but announcing work has started can never hurt.. I might also ‘improve’ the richfaces part with displaying datagrids for repeating elements instead of what it is now, but focus will be on primefaces. Initially it will also use metawidget, but later on it should also be possible to generate ui’s without metawidget (although I like it, I will not force people to use it). I’ll write a blog later this week and you can reference that in an announcement

  12. kukeltje says:

    If he is your friend, maybe you can ask him to have a look at

    The rest is progressing nicely…

  13. kukeltje says:

    uhmm.. kukeltje == Ronald van Kuijk

  14. Done;

  15. kukeltje says:

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Ronald, Lincoln just replied;

    Do you use twitter?

  17. kukeltje says:

    Yes, I know, I’m in contact with him now. Not about this issue, that was fixed over a week ago, but more general about scaffolding etc..

    And no, sorry, not twitter… Way to busy to be preoccupied with tweeting 🙂 The primefaces plugin is in… Basically you add a primefaces facet to a project via seamforge and then it adds the repository, asks you which version you want to add and adds the dependencies to the pom. After that you can do an set-theme and it adds the dependency then to the pom and sets primefaces.THEME for you.

    More to come, especilly the scaffolding will be realy nice… Think of 80% of being done in less then 5 minutes with way more entities…

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