Tag/Attribute Docs back in 3.0.M3

If you haven’t heard already, PrimeFaces Guide will be free in 3.0 final, I’ll start updating it before 3.0 goes final which is planned for september. We’ve seen that there are many users on 3.0.x which is officially undocumented, only available doc resource is labs showcase. So to help a bit more, in 3.0.M3 we are putting the tag and attribute documentation back in facelet taglib so your IDEs can display what that attribute is for, what are the supported ajax behavior events of the component and more.

Also regarding 3.0 roadmap it is more clear for us now. There will be M2 hopefully next week followed by M3 in august and RC1 in september followed by 3.0 final.


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  1. Ronald van Kuijk says:

    Great to hear. An overview of supported ajax/client side events is indeed what I mis to be productive. ‘rowSelect’, ‘rowselect’, ‘onRowSelect’, none seem to work on Datatable in 3.0.M2-SNAPSHOT, my ide does not support completion yet and I cannot seem to find the supported event names in the sourcecode.



  2. Should be rowSelect.


    Yes, we’ll put the supported event names in taglib doc for tag completion.

  3. kukeltje says:

    ‘should be’ yes, that is what I got from that example to (sorry, should have mentioned), but what about this error then:

    2011-06-29 03:48:24,532 SEVERE [org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.ErrorPageWriter] (http-localhost%2F127.0.0.1-8080-1) An exception occurred: javax.faces.view.facelets.TagAttributeException: /articles/articles_content.xhtml at line 14 and column 84 event=”rowSelect” eventName rowSelect not found on component instance

    (post from different system, so differen user)

  4. You are probably not on latest builds.

  5. kukeltje says:

    I thought I was, but just checked (before you replied) and indeed maven did not (nor does not) want to update the 3.0.M2-SNAPSHOT in any way (even with ‘check snapshots’ set to ‘always’). The only way to solve this was me removing it from my repo by hand. Sorry for this.

  6. bitec says:

    great news. Sure, all of us want 3.0 as soon as possible, it’s very “tasty”, and I cannot afford to use milestone releases in prod version. But PF speed is gread indeed, september is a very good date. Good luck, Cagatay.

  7. Anonymous says:

    in prime faces 3 version selectonemenu in not setting the height for opera11.11 version and firefox 5. also having the same issue

  8. September !!!!!! but Catgay said in April 11, 2011 at 10:04 pm : “Tentative date for 3.0 final is early July. It might be earlier though.” we want it as soon as possible plz 😥

  9. albert says:

    Thank you for the generousity !

    Hopefully the documentation will also include information of the supported nested tags for each components.
    For example, whether the autocomplete component supports f:param or f:attribute or p:ajax.
    I’ve posted a question also in here : http://primefaces.prime.com.tr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13260

  10. Anonymous says:

    If DataTable frozenCol feature implementations!!
    it’s perfect!

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