PrimeFaces in Java EE6 with NetBeans 7

David Heffelfinger has released his new book titled “Java EE with NetBeans 7”. Importance of this book other that being a great resource on Java EE 6 for us is the wide coverage of PrimeFaces. As you know NetBeans 7 only bundles PrimeFaces as the component suite and David showed how to utilize PrimeFaces to create awesome looking RIA easily.

Lately an interview with David is posted on dzone where he also praises PrimeFaces.

And now it’s the time for me to order the hard copy of the book for my library.


One Response to PrimeFaces in Java EE6 with NetBeans 7

  1. Diego Cavalcanti says:

    I did download inding Eclipse + JBoss Tools 3.1.0 M4 which has a display configuration tags. So you can view the page with tags prime faces. If you want I can send the configuration of the tags.

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